Kanagawa Permanent Makeup Tattoo Machine
Permanent Makeup Tattoo Machine
  • Japanese engineering at it’s finest
  • Includes integrated high-tech digital circuit control system that allows you to change the speed of the needle
  • Lightweight (approximately 2 ounces)
  • Aluminum alloy construction gives an elegant look to this hand piece
  • Designed to effectively prevent cross contamination
  • Patented drive structure makes this the quietest hand piece at any speed
  • Operates with an AC adapter or wireless (with external battery)
  • Machine chamber (cup) with over-flow design prevents contamination of your hand piece
  • All fittings meet FDA standards
  • Certificate of UL

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Permanent Makeup using the Kanagawa permanent makeup machine

Kanagawa Permanent Makeup Tattoo Machine kit

Kanagawa Permanent Makeup Machine Kit

Kanagawa Permanent Makeup Tattoo Machine kit

Kit Includes: Hand piece, AC adapter, one Li-ion battery (for wireless operation), 6 single needles with tips and machine chambers, 4 triple needles with tips and machine chambers, 1 machine oil, and one storage case. 3 Month warranty for hand piece.

Product ID Price  
KG100 $385.00


Kanagawa Permanent Makeup Tattoo Needle

This tattooing needle has various specifications, all of which are cast by original Japanese steel wire (diameter is 0.4mm). The performance is far better than the common iron wire needles in the present market.

Product ID Size   Price  
KG0R1 1 Point $16.00 (20/pkg)
KG0R3 3 Points $36.00 (20/pkg)
KG0R5 5 Points $40.00 (20/pkg) Out of Stock
KG0R7 7 Points $44.00 (20/pkg)
KGF07 7 Points (flat) $38.00 (20/pkg)


Kanagawa Permanent Makeup Tattoo Machine tip

Tips vary by the size of the opening as shown below. Each size is sold in packages of 20.

Product ID Size Price  
KGT11 Tip for 1 Needle (pkg of 20) $8.00
KGT13 Tip for 3R Needle (pkg of 20) $9.00 Out of Stock
KGT57 Tip for 5/7R Needle (pkg of 20) $10.00
KGTF7 Tip for 7 Needle (flat)
(pkg of 20)

Machine Chambers

Kanagawa Permanent Makeup Tattoo Machine chambers

Machine chambers (cups) are sold in packages of 10. One size fits all needles.

Product ID Size Price  
KG099 Package of 10 $18.50 Out of Stock

Li Ion Batteries

Kanagawa Permanent Makeup Tattoo Machine Li Ion Batteries

This battery allows you to use the hand piece without a cord. Fully charged battery provides up to 90 minutes cord-free power. Have a couple batteries on-hand for a full day of cord-free operation.

Product ID Price  
KG123 $36.00

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